MHA 5201 Columbia Southern University The Outcome of Implementing MCH Essay

Management Action Plan (MAP): Part 2

For Part 2 of your MAP, address the criteria below in your essay. 

Clearly describe the desired outcome(s) from the implementation of your MAP. 

§Consider limits on time, money, and other resources, and consider any constraints of the policy-making process that are specific to your MAP. 

§Clearly identify the path from legislation to implementation that would facilitate your plan. 

Be sure to consider the questions below as you clarify your measureable goal. 

§What political elements and legislative processes are involved in your MAP? 

§What goal are you trying to accomplish? 

§What is the process of meeting your goal? 

§What measurements and assessments will ensure the success of your MAP implementation? 

§What realistic constraints do you have as you start to create your plan? 

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