HCAD 635 University of Phoenix Long Term Healthcare Presentation

  • Apply management theory, concepts, and models to examine ethical best practices in long-term care administration and to foster performance excellence.
  • Develop and refine students’ ethical problem solving and analytical skills when confronted with complex challenges, decision making, and strategic planning in long-term care administration.

Background: Preparing for a regulatory survey is essential in long term care and complying with these regulations is critical for the success an organization. Over the past several weeks, we have learned a tremendous amount of information on different departments as well as various administrative areas. Now, we will apply your knowledge to creating a proactive plan that assists your team in being prepared should regulatory bodies arrive to conduct a survey or inspection. While we do not have the time to implement and discuss a full mock survey, we will have the time for you to work on a few of the processes for a survey readiness plan.

Your Scenario (Option A, B, or C): Your instructor will assign you one of the scenarios provided below. This communication for your assigned scenario will be provided from your instructor no later than Week 2 of the course.

Option B: South Carolina Home Health Agencies and ServiceI be

    • HHA Option 3: Primsa Health Home Health located in Greenville South Carolina
      HHA Regulation Option 2: Federal CMS HHA Regulatory Condition: Quality assessment/performance improvement (484.65) o Regulatory Reference and Standard: 484.65 Participate in the HHA’sQAPI program o Regulatory Tag: G640 o Regulatory Information: Page 3 of the CMS 2018 HHA G TagInformation and Page 40 of the CMS State Operations Manual Appendix B for HHAs.

    Resources for this Scenario:

      • Resources for this Scenario:

    Creating the PowerPoint Presentation:

    • Survey Readiness PowerPoint:
      • Must be 10-12 slides, excluding the introduction slide(s) and reference page slide(s).
    • Presenter Notes:
      • Every slide must have presenter notes except for the reference page(s).
      • Your presenter notes will be the information that you will be sharing with your team.
      • Your notes should be detailed and contain APA in-text citations.
    • References:
      • Minimum of five scholarly references, professional publications, and/or academic journals from the last five years.
      • Include any references from your assigned LTC facility or setting such as the website, company information, facility website, service-level website, etc.
      • Every reference must have a correlating in-text citation(s).
    • APA 7th Edition Style:
      • PowerPoint slides, cover page, and reference page.

    The PowerPoint Must Contain the Following Content Aspects for Your Assigned Scenario:

    Aspect A: Introduction Slide(s)

    • APA Cover Page – Include the title of the presentation, your name, your instructor’s name, course name, your assigned LTC facility or setting, your assigned regulation, and date submitted.
    • Provide bulleted points to identify each Content Aspect that will be presented in the presentation.

    Aspect B: Regulatory Survey Readiness Analysis Slide(s)

    • Provide an analysis of the regulatory survey process that includes the importance of survey readiness; a mock survey overview; and an assessment of being survey ready, as a means for creating successful survey outcomes.

    Aspect C: Stakeholders Evaluation and Leadership Selection Analyses Slide(s)

    • Include an evaluation of at least three stakeholders for the regulatory survey process.
      • You must include the internal stakeholders of the patients and/or residents.
      • The other stakeholders that you present, as part of your evaluation, may be internal or external.
      • Include at least two of the applicable items from this list in your evaluation of the stakeholders: (a.) survey awareness; (b.) survey process understanding; (c.) survey engagement; (d.) stakeholder contribution; (e.) stakeholder justification; and/or (f.) importance of the stakeholder.
    • Identify at least three specific leadership roles that will be involved in the mock survey process and provide an analysis of the assigned facility-level or service-level leaders involved in the mock survey.
      • You must include the Administrator, Executive Director, or a top leader of the LTC facility or service in your analysis.
      • The other two leadership roles may be any manager or director-level position at your assigned LTC facility or service for your analysis.

    Aspect D: Regulation Assessment Slide(s)

    • State the regulation that you assigned from your scenario and provide an assessment of this regulation to your assigned LTC facility or setting.
      • You must include the regulatory standard, condition, rule, and/or tag in the assessment.
      • Include an evaluation of the mock survey process for the assigned regulation, applying this information to your assigned LTC facility or setting.
        • Apply your assigned specific regulation for one mock survey step, as this will act as an introduction for your LTC employees to understand the entire mock survey process. (Note – Remember you are only introducing the mock survey process to your staff, so this should be an overview of the potential regulatory mock survey steps.)

    Aspect E: Conclusion Slide(s)

    • Highlight the key takeaways of your presentation and include an explanation to why the information presented in the PowerPoint is essential for the staff to know.
    • Include one call to action and share with your team any next steps for the upcoming mock survey.

    Aspect F: APA Reference Page Slide(s)

    • Provide the list of all references presented in the PowerPoint, formatted in APA 7th Edition.

    Resources for Creating PowerPoints:




    Resources for Mock Surveys:

    Mock Survey Process Example PDF

    Home Health Mock Survey Example Guide PDF

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