Gateway Current Issues in Healthcare Reporting Quality of Care Case Study

Health care organizations spend time, money, and resources gathering data relating to patient care, but how should that data be used? For this assignment, you will assume the role of a hospital administrator.


As hospital administrator, you have access to a significant amount of data. This includes patient experiences, chronic condition management outcomes, length of stay data, and many other data points in between. You plan to make a proposal at your next leadership team meeting, proposing publication of the hospital’s data.

Respond to the following points as a means of preparing for the meeting:

List six types of data you will suggest for publication. Provide a thorough rationale for each selection. (You will need to conduct research on what types of hospital data are typically published.)

Notate which data sets will be published internally (within the hospital) and externally (for the general public).

  • Assume your colleagues ask you the following questions – provide your response:
  • “How are we confirming accuracy of this data?”
  • “Why does the general public need any of this information about our hospital?”

“What is the relevance of sharing this data internally – what do we expect our employees to do with this information?”

  • “What is the long-term goal with sharing this data – is this a one-time report, or is there a plan to report this information consistently?”
  • If approved by the leadership team to proceed with internal and external publication, what platform(s) will you use to share the data? (i.e. how you will ensure the information reaches your target audience).

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