Discussion 2: Program Learning Outcome Reflection

For this week’s Discussion, you will review your Program’s Learning Outcomes in light of the knowledge and experiences you have gained throughout your Program of Study.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review the Program Learning Outcomes for your program listed within the Program of Study section of theCourse Information page.
  • Download the Program of Study Matrix specific to your program (BS Health Studies, BS Public Health, or BS Healthcare Management).
  • Reflect on the courses and specific assignments you have taken within your Program of Study at Walden University that addressed each Program Learning Outcome. Consider how you see yourself applying this knowledge in the field.

By Day 4

Post a thoughtful response to the following:

  • Identify your program (BS Health Studies, BS Healthcare Management, or BS Public Health) within the title of your post.
  • Complete the matrix and attach it to your Discussion Post. Including information on the following:
    • Where you addressed each of the Program Learning Outcomes in specific courses
    • Where you addressed each of the Program Learning Outcomes in specific Discussions and Assignments
    • Which of the Program Learning Outcomes, Discussions, or Assignments were most meaningful to you
    • How you see yourself applying the knowledge in the field

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