ASU Project Management in Public Sector Essay


After mapping out the Process Groups vis-a-vis the management Knowledge Areas, the subsequent modules, Modules 5-7, examine the integration between EACH Process Group (and Process) and the management Knowledge Areas.

PMBOK Part II 422-434, the assigned, and supplementary videos will be used to guide Module 4 Discussion

Initial Discussion Post

After actively watching and reflecting on the assigned (and supplementary) videos, your task in this Discussion assignment is to draw from all module material, and initiate a meaningful, substantive, well-thought out, and in-depth discussion. 


In three paragraphs this discussion will be presented following these tasks:

Task One (Chapter Summary)

Present a summary including the general key points of the assigned video………………

Task Two (“Key Points to Remember”)

Select, and further examine ONE “Key takeaway” of the assigned video. Your discussion must interrogate, and expand on the selected “key take away”. Referencing the supplementary videos is required. Referencing other external sources/research to help bolster your understanding of the “key takeaway” is highly encouraged.

Task Three (PMBOK Cross-Referencing)

Cross reference your selected “Key takeaway” to the corresponding PMBOK chapter.  A) How does PMBOK Part 2 help bolster your understanding of the Process Groups and the management Knowledge Areas. B) Specifically, which components of PMBOK Part II do you find most helpful, and why?

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