HCAD 625 UOP Continuing Healthcare Support in Disaster Discussion

Define a region, either where you live or elsewhere in the United States.  Evaluate, in a 5-12 page paper (How to write a research paper) based on publicly available information, efforts to ensure continuing healthcare support (decide on a healthcare organization type, size, and business model and make sure to define it in the submission-can be real or “you-created” one) in the event of a disaster (pick one: natural, human-caused, or communicable disease outbreak).  Make sure to define managerial responsibilities in organizing and managing the workforce, supply chain and quality assurance of clinical encounters, reporting, and internal/external communication protocols. What provisions are being made for the populations representing different social determinants of health? If you picked a past disaster, make sure to offer “lessons learned” and provide managerial solutions and avenues to close the gaps.   

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