BSM492 Healthcare Capstone

Week 1: Select Project Topic

Your final research project will take place in week 7. In order to make it easier to put together by week 7, there are multiple “mini” versions of the project broken down. This week, you will need to select a topic involving contemporary and/or emerging issues that will affect healthcare management and the delivery of health services.

When considering your topic, please make sure that you will be able to satisfy the following requirements within your final paper:

Project demonstrates an analysis of the background, current state, and future state of the topic that evaluates ethical, legal, financial, and economic considerations within the research process.

Project demonstrates that the student has applied critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills in collecting, evaluating, and analyzing data and information relating to the research topic

Project demonstrates the application of healthcare management concepts (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) in developing and presenting viable, effective, and acceptable conclusions/recommendations relating to the topic.

  • Task 1: Select your emerging healthcare topic.

Task 2: Write background information for your topic. It should be at least three paragraphs in length.  You will be required to use a minimum of 5 sources for the background information.  The sources should be scholarly or professional sources related to the topic.

  • A set of questions below will help guide you to create this information.

1. What is the topic you are interested in going over?
Are you wanting to look at something educational? Are you wanting to look at how data can drive policy? Are you wanting to look towards something specific in psychology? These are the types of things you want to ask yourself as you decide on an overall topic. The topic doesn’t have to be as specific as possible, because it’s your overall “topic” but you do what to have some ideas.

  • 2. How does your topic drive your Research Question?
    Once you establish the overall “topic” you want to look into, you can start to ask questions. Essentially, this is where you can dig deeper into your topic! Let’s say you want to look into something within education; some questions you might ask are “can discussions improve learning?”; “do learning styles exist?”; or “does class size influence grades?”. If you’re wanting to look at data driving policy in communities, you can ask “does the use of non-profits improve community relations?” or “does the mandating of body cameras reduce bias?” Maybe you want to focus entirely on psychology, so you ask “are some treatments for PTSD better for different genders?” or “can mood disorders be improved with exercise?” Establishing a research question can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it (although it is recommended to keep it simple). More importantly, you want your research question to have some research backing (if at least 2 primary, scholarly articles). So, it is recommended to do a quick search to see if you can find at least 2 articles showcasing what you plan on looking for.

3. Research Question ? Working Hypothesis
Now that you have your Research Question, you want to create your Hypothesis (or hypotheses). This hypothesis will give you some indication for how you will want to build up your study as you progress within the course. The hypothesis will help you decide if you are going to implement a qualitative study or a quantitative study. It will drive how you establish operant definitions, variables, etc. So, keep this in mind!

4. What is the purpose of this research?
Another important question to keep in mind. Does your research question and hypothesis support the purpose you are showcasing? If you’re trying to showcase the need for discussions in the classroom (because you believe it improves retention), then does your research question and your hypothesis back that up?

5. Keep the following things in mind!
You want this to be interesting to you, so don’t settle for the first thing that pops into your head. Be intentional with what you select (as you don’t want to select something now and change it later on).
How do you plan on finding information? Previous research studies? Blogs? You want to be sure to do a quick search to see if the information is already available to you (as you don’t want to select a topic and come to find out there is nothing that exists to back you up). Although it would be a challenge, you could still complete it.

Ethical considerations are very important! Are you going to use animals? Are you going to use human subjects? How will you protect your subjects/participants? Remember, the IRB/IACUC protocols (and ethical protocols) – you can always reference back to that information!

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