see attached file for instructions

see attached file for instructions

see attached file for instructions
HOLISTIC HEALTH According to the information in this module, our internal and external environments impact each other.?In your own words, explain how this occurs.?Include information on how what we think we become, explain how our thoughts influence our internal and external environment, explain the concept of telomeres and the behaviors that increase and decrease there length.?Finish by explaining the connection between last weeks lesson on energy and this weeks lesson on the environment.?Be sure to reference an explanation of the images below (these are from the vidoes). Format You can submit: an essay at least 2 full page (The title should be on the first line.?Your writing begins on line 3.?It ends on the last line of page 1 or on page 2)? double spaced using 1″?argins TNR 12?ont.? You do not need a header (name, date, class name, my name, etc).?Once you submit via?b?our paper will be filed under your account.? use APA format when citing the book (i.e. page numbers)?ttps://

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