Hello I am looking for a tutor that has this bookhttps://play.google.com/store/books/details?pcampaignid=books_read_action&id=UrQ8AwAAQBAJ And if you do not have it, I am willing to pay extra for

Hello I am looking for a tutor that has this book


And if you do not have it, I am willing to pay extra for the book and to help me out for the next couple weeks with assignments


this is an article

One sub-set of psychology is the study of Personality. Please read chapter 1 of the textbook and this short?rticle?Links to an external site.)?o introduce the concept of personality. People have been interested in the topic of Personality for many, many years. Many of us are interested in knowing more about ourselves and others. Personality scholar, Richard M. Ryckman (2013. p. 5), notes that ?we seek to generate explanations for the actions we observe [in ourselves and others] to understand why individuals behave as they do. Being able to understand the behavior of people not only satisfies our curiosity, but also gives us a greater sense of control over our lives and make the world more predictable and less threatening.?

Some sing?Links to an external site.)about the topic of personality and some incorporate the concept of personality into their personal and professional lives. What draws you to the topic of personality may be similar or quite different than what attracted me to this branch of psychology. I work in the field of industrial/organizational psychology?Links to an external site.)and am interested in how personality relates to the workplace.

Moreover, there are numerous scholars in the field of personality, — many of whom we will discuss over the next few weeks. You will have plenty of opportunities to investigate the research and views of these scholars through our readings and discussions. As ?art of this learning process, you will also have many opportunities to learn how to research the topic of personality, identify and examine?eer-reviewed articles?Links to an external site.)?n the topic, recognize and apply sound?esearch and data analysis?Links to an external site.)?o scholarly work on personality, and?rite?Links to an external site.)?bout these various points, as well. Please make sure to read chapter 2 of the textbook which introduces the topic of personality research methods.


  • Identify a person [no names please!] you know or know of [in real life or in the media] who suffers or has suffered from a disorder
  • Speculate about how a psychologist from each of the six approaches [described in chapter 1] might explain the person’s disorder.
  • Write a paragraph for?ach?f the six approaches
  • Please cite your references as per the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th edition)

Second Assigment

  • Retrieve an article from a peer-reviewed journal*?n personality research
  • Summarize the article. As part of this summary, define the methods and outcomes of this research including: (1) independent variables, (2) dependent variable(s), (3) the hypothesis of the study, (4) the reliability of the study, (5) the validity of the study, and (6) outcomes of the study.
  • Include in-text citations for any direct quotes from the article according to APA format procedures [6th edition]
  • Include a reference for the article according to APA format procedures [6th edition].

Journals to Select From* [in the School Library]

  • Journal of Personality
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Journal of Research in Personality
  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
  • European Journal of Personality

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