Attached is the assignment

Attached is the assignment

Attached is the assignment
Dear Dr. Sam.?First, I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our practice.?During the review, as asked. I have looked at the following: Schedule, Charting, E/M Codes, and procedure coding, preventative counseling, and??s our CMS1500 which is used to submit the billing.?Schedule: How can the provider increase his/her revenue with the scheduling portion of the clinic??Increasing patient load. A provider needs to see about 15 patients per day vs. less than 15 per day.?What is the impact of seeing 4 vs. 15 what is the revenue value you need to explain? E/M down coding vs. coding appropriately.?Each provider needs to code the visit according to the written documentation and all elements supported in the chart.?Charting elements: require the HPI, ROS, PFSH, Exam and Medical Decision making process? What is counseling on preventive medicine??when a provider reviews with the patients, the pertinent information about his/her health and the outcome of following medication regimen.?Procedure Codes: What are procedure codes and how are they important for increasing revenue???Diagnosis Code:?How does the provider assign a DX code to the patient?? CMS 1500-?what is required on the CMS:?Provider information,?patient information and location,??axonomy and NPI. Submit the claim electronically:

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