USA TestPrep Reading Skills Progress Report, English homework help

Hey guys, I really need someone to fill this out for me. My graduation is depending on it and I really need help. You dont actually have to take the test as long as you fill everything out and the assignment is well done and answers the questions. I have uploaded the document that is supposed to be filled out for this assignment. It is super easy, I would do it myself if I didnt have a lot fo work to do. Just open the document and fill it out

USA TestPrep Reading Skills Progress Report

Your mission is to master the following Reading Skills! Use this tracker to set goals and assess your progress.

Here are the rules:

* To benefit from (and to receive credit for) this assignment if you have in fact taken both assessments within at least three days of each other—taking them one after the other defeats the purpose of setting goals and taking time to master a skill. Take enough time on each assessment to show what you know! *

First, track your USA TestPrep scores here:


Week 1 Score (Feb 13-19)

Week 2 Score (Feb 20-24)

Close Reading

Central Reading


Word Meanings & Word Choice

Text Structure

Purpose & Point of View


Then, ask yourself:

On which category (or categories) will I focus this week?

What resources can I use this week to improve my score for next week? (Check out USA TestPrep and the Resources folder in the course content—there are a TON of resources available for every topic!)

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