Life Course Analysis

SOWK 7210: Theories of Human Behavior 1

Paper #2: Life Course Analysis

4–6 page paper (not including title page and references)

Worth 100 points. For due date, see Canvas.

All papers are to conform to APA formatting (i.e., running head, title page, double-spaced

throughout, appropriate headings citations, etc.) and reference style. To adhere to APA

standards and avoid plagiarism each statement informed or informed by outside sources

must be cited as such.

You should incorporate the Hutchison text AND ONE OTHER REFERENCE SOURCE ON

SYSTEMS THEORY (must be published in a peer reviewed journal or book chapter—no news

articles or websites) to complete the following components:

Paper #2 Instructions and Rubric Ratings Points


APA formatting, clear writing style, and incorporation

of at least one outside reference on systems theory

(Not including the Hutchison reading)

This area will be used by

the assessor to leave

comments related to

this criterion.


Write a paper reviewing your experiences during

adolescence from a life course perspective. Your

paper should address significant life events and/or

turning points that you experienced during

adolescence and the effect these events and issues

had on you at the time and may currently still have.

(Life events may be related to identity development,

sexuality, peer and romantic relationships, ‘potential

challenges’ to adolescent development, and other

concepts described in the Hutchinson adolescence


This area will be used by

the assessor to leave

comments related to

this criterion.


Critically discuss, demonstrate a thorough

understanding, and apply at least 6 life course

concepts (e.g., cohorts, timing, transitions,

trajectories, life events, turning points, human

agency, linked lives, timing, historical time, diversity)

to your adolescence, which MUST include an

examination of how issues related to diversity

affected your adolescence).

This area will be used by

the assessor to leave

comments related to

this criterion.


Total Points /100

You may integrate the various components, or you may choose to organize it in sections,

just be sure to explicitly identify when specific concepts are applied. Although the

components of the paper are listed separately to depict respective point values, this does

not mean the two components of the paper cannot be integrated/synthesized; it solely

indicates both components must be included. The most successful papers choose a

theme/story/topic from their life that encompasses the relevant concepts, weaving the

concepts and critical discussion throughout the story. It is less important that you cover all

of the life events of your life, and more important that you include an in-depth discussion

of the themes you focus on (e.g., sexual development, peer development, identity

development, etc.). The use of bold or italics for key concepts are recommended for clarity

purposes and to ensure that you complete each component of the assignment.

*You can choose to disclose as much or as little as you feel comfortable about your

upbringing. You will be evaluated on fulfilling the aforementioned components rather than

the content of your story. That said, critical reflection and critical consciousness are crucial

aspects of being an effective social worker; we encourage you to use this paper as a

learning tool to delve in deeply to prepare you for social work practice.

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