Formal report

1.Please read the requirement carefully and combine 6 set of assignments into one formal report.( 6 set of assignments are in the attached files)

2.Please provide a video presentation speech draft.


The Formal Report requires you to collate, synthesize, flush out and fully explain, in well written paragraphs, the answers to the 6 set of assignment questions listed below and use these to write a detailed, well-crafted and well formatted report. This report will be used to help the selected organization’s hypothetical strategic planning process by providing “fresh” OB related ideas and perspectives

Your formal report MUST have:

  1. A TITLE PAGE with a concise TITLE that accurately reflects the report
  2. A TABLE OF CONTENTS that directly matches the main headings in the report
  3. A detailed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY that succinctly highlights EVERY major point made in the report
  4. An INTRODUCTION that briefly spells out what the report is about and how the report is presented.
  5. Chapters of well written and carefully edited texts, with well formatted HEADINGS and SUB-HEADINGS. You should have ONE CHAPER for EACH MODULE’S Information associated with the homework questions.
  6. A CONCLUSION that provides a summary of the information that the report has covered
  7. g.REFERENCES using the APA style
  8. Well thought out DIAGRAMS that accurately capture and show the relationships between important segments and components of the information provided in the report.

Prepare and submit a video presentation in which you provide the highlights of the information from your 6 sets of Homework questions that you have synthesized into your formal report. You have a maximum of 10 minutes to present. Formal Dressing is required for this video presentation. Make sure that you:

  1. Exhibit excellent presentation skills with a clear voice and excellent voice projection.
  2. Provide at the beginning of your presentation, an overview of what the presentation is about.
  3. Exhibit good informational integration skills
  4. Provide at the end of the presentation, a good summary and conclusion of what the presentation was about.
  5. Practice good time management skills, with equal portions of time for each of the major sections of the report.

Your video presentation must be uploaded on Youtube and you will need to send me the Youtube link.

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