Critique review of “Love is Not a Pie”

Critique review of “Love is Not a Pie” attached

Essay Instructions

A critique is a formal evaluation of a text, and one of the most common forms of critique in literature is the review. In a review, you – as the reviewer – get to evaluate the text. For your first essay, choose one of the short stories I’ve assigned to review. Your 35 page review should include quotations from the text wherein you will cite your sources according to MLA guidelines. Here are some guidelines for writing your review:

Introduce What You Are Evaluating

• Include the title and author.

• Be clear about what you are evaluating

Set up Your Review with a Summary

• Your summary is to be used as a reference point for your discussion.

• Be sure that your summary is balanced with adequate analysis. This is not a book report.

Put the Piece into Context

• What type of work is it?

• When was it written?

Analyze the Text

• Note how the work is structured.

• Look at the individual elements: plot, character, dialogue.

• Determine the purpose of the work.

Include Your Reasoned Opinion: This Is Your Evaluation

• Did the work achieve its purpose?

• What is your response to the selection and why?

• Agree or disagree with the presentation of information (whether or not it achieved its purpose).

• Base your agreement or disagreement on evidence.

End with a Balanced Conclusion

• Recap the pros and cons of the piece.

• Give your overall reaction.

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