Critical analysis of a research article, social science homework help

I have to answer several questions based on research criteria, on a specified article. I have answered half of he questions, but am stumped on the remaining questions. I can post the link to the article that needs to be analyzed. Here are the questions:


a. Describe the Dependent Measure(s)/Instruments used:

b. Describe the Measurement/Instrument Validity Information:

c. Describe the Measurement/Instrument Reliability Information:

Consider the Following Questions:

a. For all measures (measures to classify subjects, dependent variables, etc..) was evidence of reliability and validity provided, either through summarizing the data, or by referring the reader to an available source for that information?

b. Do the reliability and validity data justify the use of the measure?

c. Are the measures appropriate (if not, why not)?

d. Are multiple measures used, particularly those that sample the same domains, or constructs but with different methods (e.g., self-report, rating scales, self-monitoring, or direct observation)?

f. If human observers, judges, or raters were involved, was inter-observer or inter-rater agreement (reliability) assessed?Was it obtained for a representative sample of the data?Did the two raters do their ratings independently? Was their reliability satisfactory?

Independent and Dependent Variables

a. What is/are the Independent Variable(s):

b. What is/are the Dependent Variable(s):

Data Analysis

Scales of Measurement (check those that apply):

Nominal _______ Ordinal _______ Interval _______ Ratio _______

a. What type of statistical techniques are used?

b. What type of tables and graphs are used?

Consider the Following Questions:

a. Were tests of significance used and reported appropriately (e.g., with sufficient detail to understand what analysis was being conducted)?

b. Do the researchers report means and standard deviations (if relevant) so that the reader can examine whether statistically significant differences are large enough to me meaningful?

c. Other comments on the reported statistical analyses?


Evaluate the Summary and Conclusions of the study (Usefulness):

Describe the Strength(s) and Limitation(s) of the Study:

Describe what you learned from the study:

List any remaining questions you have about the study:

The article can actually be pulled up in Google Search: “An Exploration of Effects of Bullying Victimization From a Complete Mental Health Perspective.”

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