Catalogue entry (2-3 pages). Course: Survey of American Ceramics.

Catalogue entry of a ceramic object. Choose one from the group suggested in the file attached. Full information on the object is required, plus a description and analysis of how the object represents an aspect of American ceramic history. Sample for catalogue entries and a guideline attached. About 2-3 pages. Please use a variety of scholarly sources, both online, and in print, to support your work.

Text should be in Times Roman font, 12-point, 1.5 spaced. Citation, bibliography, footnotes: Chicago style.

Here is the link to the book that has many examples of catalogue entries (all on ceramics, very helpful):…

If you have any questions please let me know.

Objects to choose from (pictures attached):


Vase, Grueby Pottery, 1983-88-7 (accession number)


Vase, Weller Pottery, 1984-84-25


Vase, Matt Nolen, 1992-1-2-a,b


King O’Dell Plate, 2001-31-1


Sculpture, Ottelie Loloma, 1980-18-8


Vase, George Ohr, 1984-84-35

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