Autism Work

Select a particular condition or special need. Discuss the following in terms of a child who has that particular special need:

  • How might play be used to assess the needs of a child with this special need?
  • What skills are needed by a child with this special need, and how might play help him/her develop those skills?
  • How might Play Therapy be effective for a child with this special need? What other kinds of therapies – that might also feel like play – can help adults meet his or her needs?
  • Research, select, and describe a toy that might be particularly helpful and enjoyable for a child with this specific special need.
  • Find a YouTube video or other resource that discusses play for special needs children and prepare a review about it for your class playmates. Include a link so your playmates can also view the resource you chose. (Please note: a review is more than a description. Do describe the resource and then evaluate its usefulness for specific audiences. Will it be helpful? Would you recommend it? To whom? Why or why not

Play, development and early education by johnson, christie, waddle is the main textbook

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