1 page business memo

Many students and new professionals struggle when writing recommendations. When we are new at something, we may shy away from telling others what they should do in a clear, imperative voice. But writing clear recommendations is essential for effective business communication. If you don’t tell someone what you want them to do, how can you expect them to do it? Your textbook suggests one way to strengthen the voice of a recommendation: Begin each recommendation with the phrase “I recommend that we reduce the number of categories on the website from 12 to 4.” This will give a clear signal to the reader that you are making a recommendation.

Another way to write strong recommendations is to use imperative verbs. For example, if you wanted to re-write the recommendation in the previous sentence to use the imperative voice, you would write the following: “Reduce the number of categories on the website from 12 to 14.”

For this discussion, you will practice writing managerial recommendations by writing a memo. To complete this discussion, you should do the following thing:

Write write a 1 PAGE memo as the head of the Human Resources Department to company managers in which you make recommendations about how managers should follow up with employees in the weeks after the layoffs and retraining process that you described in your routine negative message (Many employees will be laid off, new structure will require re-training employees, corporate interest payments will be reduced, many departments will become more efficient, underutilized assets/teams will be sold, company branding and marketing will be revitalized).

Your emphasis should be on maintaining/improving morale.


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