Write a list of Dos and Donts for Workplace Etiquette

By now, you should have watched the YouTube video entitled: Workplace Etiquette Part 2. Based soley on the video, list the dos and dont’s of five workplace issues–discussed in the video. Note: Your answers must be taken directly from the video presentation (no Internet research required).

Here is an example of what your completed work should look like:

  • Place the five issues in a table (see below).
  • In the don’t column, explain what you observed on the video–use “workplace setting” and “inappropriate behavior.”
  • In the do column, list 1 to 2 suggestions that the video offered–in order to appropriately handle the situation.

Workplace Issue

Don’t (Video Example)


Sexual Harassment

Workplace Setting: Concession stand at the movie theater

Inappropriate behavior: A young man speaking to a young lady inappropriately. When asked to stop, he responded: “You know you like it.”

1). Let the offending person know that you do not like (or appreciate) such remarks.

2). Remind the offending individual that laws exist against sexual harassment in the workplace (and that such will be reported if not discontinued).

Telephone Etiquette

E-Mail Etiquette

Impressing Your Boss

Gossiping/Respecting Others

Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria

Save your file in a single MICROSOFT Word file. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your intended attachment should be saved with a .doc or .docx suffix. If I am unable to open it, then I will be unable to grade it, and you will receive a zero. Include your name, the Assignment Number, Module, and QUESTIONS (if applicable)–followed by the ANSWERS–in your document.

You should utilize 1″ top, bottom, left, and right margins, 12 pt-font, Times New Roman. Be certain to run Spell Check prior to attaching the document.

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