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Good leaders possess particular skills that are needed and valuable for a company to grow and develop. Leadership has many definitions. A leader is someone with the ability to direct people to a goal as a team. Hughes et al (2006) distinguishes leaders as innovators, developers, and inspirational. A leader is a visionary with a long-term view. Leaders ask how, when, what and why. Leaders originate, never accepting the status quo, leaders challenge it.

Leadership qualities of motivating, influencing others, sharing bonds with co-workers, ability to inspire and trust are also important factors in achieving success. The mix required in any individual leader/manager is dependent on the goal, the environment, and the team. Leaders are positions of elevated responsibility usually with earned respect from others as we saw in the video. A leader will think outside of the box. People in these positions possess traits, abilities and behaviors of leadership styles. The self-awareness that leaders should possess can also allow a person to develop their abilities, improving weak areas to create a stronger mix of abilities. (Leadership, 2011)

Using a balance between traits of positive reinforcement, engagement, being humble and being a visionary with direction can only supplement the motivation and inspiration that comes from a leader. Respected leaders work together to inspire team members to meet goals. Critical thinking skills, communication and serving the team are great behavior skills of a good leader.

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