The Originality Rate should not be higher than 17-20%, business and finance homework help

. The Originality Rate should not be higher
than 17-20%. It may be higher due to similar References that other class
members’ use.

Paraphrase your research. Do not copy word for word the content for your paper.

Review the Academic Honesty Policy. This provides several suggestions on
writing papers.

Papers should have a Title Page and References.

Use of Headings help to clarify and organize papers. It also reduces the
potential of omitting a section from your paper.

Do not overuse quotes. If you do use quotes, ensure the quote is in parentheses
with the Author, Year, and Page Number of quote.

Continue to Review Rubrics as it presents excellent detail of the various
sections that should be formulated in your paper.

Begin by analyzing WeaveTech using the following guiding questions for your analysis. Then, once your analysis has been completed, develop a strategy for
organizational change based on your evaluation of WeaveTechÂ’s risk management programs and procedures, and organizational change efforts in providing a
competitive organizational advantage. Make sure your draft thoroughly covers each of the critical elements listed in A through G below the guiding questions.
1. What are the potential legal risks associated with the downsizing situation facing WeaveTech?
2. How are these risks similar to or different from those in a merger or acquisition?
3. What policies should be developed to mitigate these risks?
4. What due diligence would occur during a downsizing, merger, or acquisition?
5. Describe the change management issues that would occur during a downsizing, merger, or acquisition.
6. What change management model would be most effective for WeaveTech to utilize? Why?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
IV. Risk Management and Organizational Change: In this part of the assessment, you will evaluate the risk management programs and procedures in this
organization. You will also evaluate organizational change efforts in providing a competitive organizational advantage. Be sure to focus on how
organizational change will impact the personnel of the organization.
A. Evaluate the risks that should be mitigated in a merger with another organization, the acquisition of another organization, or downsizing an
B. Evaluate how the organization will protect employee and organizational data and safeguard against potential legal liabilities.
C. Explain the types of policies that should be developed for this organization to address potential risks. For example, you could address policies
regarding privacy policies, social media, and so on.
D. Describe the appropriate due diligence activities related to mergers and acquisitions that would be relevant for this organization.
E. Explain the change management that would occur in a merger with another organization, acquisition of another organization, or in downsizing
an organization.
F. Evaluate a change model used by the organization for its potential effectiveness. Your evaluation should take into account both the technical
and behavioral changes that the organization will face now and in the future.
G. Develop a strategy for organizational change that aligns with the needs of the organization and its employees.
Guidelines for Submission: Your organizational change strategy should be an approximately 3- to 4-paged (not including your cover page and references)
Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three sources cited in APA format.
Instructor Feedback: This activity uses an integrated rubric in Blackboard. Students can view instructor feedback in the Grade Center. For more information,

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