essay about governments

critically evaluates the following question and, where necessary, provide documented evidence to support the critique.page5image5022288

As a student attending a post-secondary institution, identify and explain at least five issues that you would like governments (federal, provincial, or local) in Canada to address and take concrete action on.

Be certain to be specific and to explain why these issues are important to you.

Some rules need to be followed:

written assignment will be graded on the following criteria:


  • – Clearly stated, creative, original and insightful
  • – Presents a Point of View (POV) based on a critical analysis of factual evidence and
    relevant theory
  • Background and Course Content
  • – Contains relevant background information
  • – Draws upon course text and lecture material
  • Research, Supporting Data and Analysis
  • – Refers to a full range of relevant current resources (course materials, external sources), and other research
  • – Uses relevant data, analyses and conclusions
  • – Includes a critical analysis of the sources used
  • Conclusions
  • – Are clear, creative, and insightful
  • – Contain a clear, cogent reiteration of and support for the central points of the thesis
  • Writing Style and Essay Structure
  • – Essay is very well organized
  • – Central ideas are presented very clearly, cogently, and effectively
  • – There is critical analysis and integration of ideas throughout the paper
  • Grammar and Mechanics
  • – Inclusive of a separate title page
  • – Minimal spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • – Type-written
  • – Single-spaced
  • – 12-pt Arial font
  • – One-inch wide margins on all four sides
  • – Written in MS-Word

Academic integrity is The most important thing, Make sure you site all the resources!

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