Watch the Video and answer the questions Watch “The Commanding Heights” Episode 2, management homework help

A. Watch “The Commanding Heights” Episode 2 on youtube:

B. And then answer the attached essay questions:

1. What were the four pillars of central planning in the Soviet Union?

Latin America

2. Briefly describe “dependency theory”

3. Milton Friedman said the Chicago School was based on what two major principles?


4. How did Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher tie together “belief produces politics, which produces economics” via her influence with Solidarity?


5.What were the four elements of Shock Therapy that overcame Dependency Theory?


6. Why was China able to keep communism in their move to capitalism, while Russia was forced to change political and economic systems at the same time?


7. When the “Permit Raj” ended, what four events took place in India?


8. What is “Cronyism Capitalism” as it was practiced in Russia?

The New Millenium

9. By the year 2000, why had world governments retreated from control of “The Commanding Heights?”

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