Understanding the Sport Product and the Relevance of Marketing SLP

The overall Session Long Project (SLP) requires students to develop a Finance and Marketing Guide that may be used in various settings of the sports industry, including (but not limited to) interscholastic, collegiate, and professional sports. The guide will serve as a compilation of written materials and projects that reflect an understanding of the course content while describing knowledge and information related to Sport Finance and Marketing.

Students will begin development of their Guide by completing the following five sections throughout the Session, with one section due each module:

Section 1: Analysis of financial trends and challenges in the sports industry

Section 2: Presentation of a Sport Sponsorship Proposal

Section 3: SWOT analysis of sport product

Section 4: Application of the Four P’s of the marketing plan

Sport leaders can identify factors associated with a successful or failed marketing effort by assessing the past market climate. The key to marketing success is for a sports organization’s strengths and opportunities to outweigh its weaknesses and threats. These can all be determined through a SWOT analysis. Doing so can be very helpful when developing a marketing plan. Conduct a SWOT analysis of an athletic team or event of your choice and provide your findings in a PowerPoint presentation.

SLP Assignment Expectations

To receive maximum credit, you must demonstrate understanding of context and purpose of the assignment by bringing all required elements (described above) to the discussion, and meeting additional expectations (described below).

The expected length of your assignment is 10–12 slides.

Use at least three in-text references, preferably including one that is not provided in the assigned readings.

As master’s-level students, you are expected to develop strong skills for reviewing literature. (Students must conduct additional review of the literature as necessary.)

Your Bibliography and overall paper must be formatted properly in APA format and style.

HINT: To ensure a well-organized presentation, begin with an introduction (including purpose statement), and then list the three or four main ideas that you will address. Be sure to include a slide for each main idea, and use appropriate headings for each slide. Also, provide a conclusion and slide with reference list. Please be sure to include ALL assignment tasks. The title slide and reference list slide are not included in the length of the assignment.

Required Reading


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SWOT Analysis Framework (p. 812 – 815) in:
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