respond to this discussion agreeing or asking a probing question need two professional refernces

This week’s discussion has highlighted some of the very issues we deal with in our areas of practice. Going through the stages of group formation, I tried to evaluate the various groups I am a member of and noted that most of them are in the performance stage. This is because most of us found them in existence when we joined the setting.

Groups and teams foster a culture of collaboration, an integral aspect of nursing. Through groups, the individual distinctions are better managed and focus shifts to the group purposes that are always aligned to the organizational vision (Finkelman, 2016). Some of the goals include the implementation of evidence-based nursing, improving the nurse’s well-being, and supporting the goals of the organization.

Through groups, staff existence is fortified as they foster a sense of togetherness as well as harmony (Marquis & Huston, 2015). Groups establish a culture of shared purpose and collective responsibility. They also promote the level of interaction among members and therefore should be encouraged and supported (Finkelman, 2016).it is through groups that individual variations are better tackled and the commitment towards the goals of the organization fortified. As a result, they bring together individuals with distinct habits and traits to work harmoniously (Marquis & Huston, 2015).

Groups play a major role in nursing and should be supported by nurses. They provide us with the opportunity to address issues that we may never address an individual’s and create solidarity among staff members. While at times they may be destabilized, the focus should always be on how they should be strengthened.

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