Religion Assignments (Christianity)

Learning Activity #2: Sacrament Reflection Paper

Read chapter 7 of your textbook.

Write a 3-4 page reflection paper on your personal experience with sacraments in worship. This reflection paper does not require outside research. It should reflect your personal experience of sacraments in worship.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need thoroughly addressed:

  • Identify personal experiences involving the use of sacraments in worship.
  • Contain terms from the reading as part of the description.
  • Contain evidence of personal reflection on the use of sacraments in worship.
  • Meet expectations provided in the Paper Writing rubric in the syllabus.

Learning Activity #4: Christian Experience Timeline Exercise

Create a timeline of your own Christian initiation using your own understanding of your spiritual journey and list significant events. Please include key terms from the text as the basis for this timeline.

  • Learning Activity #6: High and Low Church Sacraments Response

Perform Internet research on the use of sacraments in both high and low churches. Write a response on how the use of sacraments differs between various denominations. This should include at least two citations.

Learning Activity # 7: Research

online research on the use of sacraments in worship. Please submit an annotated
bibliography of websites illustrating relevant research on each topic. This is
designed to help you complete your final project.


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