Read attached files and write an argument essay

This assignment is a 2-part assignment. The topic is The Colonized Write Back

Part 1:

  • Read The Tale of Kieu (attached 4 files), and write an argument essay.
  • 1000 words minimum, MLA style.
  • At least 3 peer-reviewed critical sources in your essay (Sources must be published by University Press or a peer-reviewed academic journal and must correctly cited using MLA style)

Part 2: (this part is due 20 hours since you bid this question)

  • Make a PPT for your research presentation (2-4 pages and 5 minutes)
  • In your PPT, you will want to tell us:

1). Why you choose this topic to argue after you read The Tale of Kieu.

2). What did you research for your argument essay, list

3). Tell us another literature of the colonized write back.

  • Write a draft for your presentation

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