Project 1: Architecture Improvement Project

must meet all the requriement in the attached file.

Project 1: Architecture Improvement Project

Blackboard, MS Word Format, MS PowerPoint, MagicDraw (as appropriate)

Note: This project will extend into the MBSE course (for those of you who are taking it).

Thanks to your Detroit Mercy training, you have been promoted to the position of system architect. You have been assigned the task of evaluating the architecture of one of your company’s complex systems. You will need to draw upon the principles from the books, lectures, and videos to succeed in this effort.

Your Mission:

Compare an existing architecture to competitive benchmarks in your industry. Assess the logical architecture and supporting requirements of the existing system and propose a reasonable improvement to the architecture.


The assessment must be your own work, not merely copies of manuals or corporate documents. No proprietary information can be in the report, there is no promise of confidentiality. This is an individual assignment. If you receive any help from another student, you MUST cite the work of the other student, but will not get credit for that student’s contribution to your paper.


While we do not expect detailed designs, you should conduct reasonable back-of-the-envelope calculations to ensure feasibility (e.g., no concepts that require 4,000 tons of batteries to work).


SysML Modelling methodologies can and should be used (by those taking the MBSE course). You may use any available resources, including consultation with your company’s architects, to develop your assessment.


Write a report describing the observed architecture of the system. Include assumptions, analyses, and models to clearly define and identify the needs the system addresses, how the system is structured and how it behaves. This needs to be focused on WHAT the system must DO and any constraints or requirements that impact it. Be sure to include:

Use cases (as appropriate)

High level activity diagrams

Primary functions

Requirements table (But only the highest level requirements)

Include descriptions of at least one high-level logical architectures with alternate functional inheritances (a common failure mode in the “real world” is to not consider more than one architecture). Either architecture, the existing or your proposed improvement, should deliver all of the functions but different elements may provide them in each.

WARNING: I do NOT want a LOT of requirements at this point; just those relevant to describing this up-front exploration, not detailed minutiae related to specific design concepts.

WARNING: I am not specifying lengths for this. Your goal is to demonstrate mastery of course material/techniques and that you can apply them to an open-ended assignment. Do not attempt to substitute length for rigor, but brevity is not necessarily an indication of completeness, either. Strive for elegance. Note that a report is a narrative and is professional in tone.


I normally require a formal presentation; because of the remote nature of the class I will substitute a 7-minute video from each individual. Submit a link via BlackBoard and post your video to YouTube so we can stream/discuss it live on to the class.

Assume your audience is your company’s CEO and you are pitching your proposal for the improved architecture. That doesn’t mean political showmanship, but a good discussion of how you framed the problem and why your proposed architecture is the benefit to the company. Describe the architecture, novel features, etc.

Remember to look over course content; look at traits of good/bad architectures (make sure yours has more good traits than bad).

Have you identified the system context (what’s “in” and what’s “out”)?

Have you identified solution-neutral system behaviors?

Are all functions captured in the functional architecture with inputs/outputs?

Have you considered all elements of the nine-element model?

Have you <<satisfied>> all requirements?

Strive for a well-defined, complete architecture and system model that’s 100% defined and makes sense; you should be confident that if you handed the model off to a complete stranger (who knew Systems Architecting) that they could understand the system and execute it for you.

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