Managing in a Global Environment, The Strategy of International Business help

Using the globalEdge website (, complete Exercise 1 in the Research Task section at the end of the chapter (pp. 426-427).

Your company, a white goods manufacturer (primarily major kitchen appliances) based in the U.S. has decided to pursue international expansion opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. In order to achieve economies of scale, your strategy is to limit local adaptation. Choose 2 sub-Saharan countries, prepare an executive summary that features aspects of the product where standardization will simply not be possible and adaptation to local customs will be essential.

Below is the information from the book:

pp. 426-427

research task

Use the globalEDGE website ( to complete the following exercises:

  1. Fortune conducts an annual survey and publishes the rankings of the worldÂ’s most admired companies. Locate the most recent ranking available, and focus on the factors used to determine which companies are most admired. Prepare an executive summary of the strategic and organizational success factors for a company of your choice.

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