Literary Criticism assignment

Second, answer this question:

Based on the critic reviews above, what kind of criticism (use textbook definitions) best fits the movies described in each of the videos? Why?


  1. Please include a unique title
  2. I recommend using to help edit the paper before you submit.
  3. Type your response in Microsoft word, copy the text (CTRL +C), and paste it (CTRL +V) into the text box.
  4. Cite all sources in your response according to MLA
  5. You must use the Textbook to defend your answer.
  6. You may also cite from the library database (click on “resources”).
  7. In text citations must be according to MLA format
  8. A header is not needed in the discussion board.
  9. This essay/response must be at least 500 words long (Exclude Works Cited section)
  10. Add a Works Cited section at the end of your response. Format this like you would the Works Cited Page at the end of an essay.
  11. Place your word count in parenthesis at the end of your response (Exclude Works Cited section from your word count)

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