Italian Risorgimento History Paper

Instructions: Write a paper of around 1500 words (5-6 pages) on one of the following questions.

Note: You must demonstrate your use and mastery of the relevant course reading.

Note also: Please type up the full question you are writing about, either on a cover page or at the top of your first page. Don’t forget to number your pages. Also, you must adequately acknowledge the sources of your information with footnotes (or endnotes), including the page numbers of the sources you are drawing from, and a Works Cited page, if you have consulted outside sources.

Ordinary people have often left behind little trace of their lives, especially because they have traditionally been illiterate. However, Rosa Cavalleri told her story to a social worker, who wrote it down and had it published. Describe, in chronological order, the events and processes that shaped Rosa’s life in Italy. Then describe her world view, beliefs and values, and those of the community in which she lived. Finally, describe how Rosa’s life reflected the lives of poorItalians like her in the same period.

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