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  • The United States policy remains to fight drug trafficking, particularly in Latin America. Last year, the U.S. gave $320 million to Mexico in foreign aid, most of which gets earmarked for counter-narcotic efforts.This has remained steady ever since 2006 when the Mexican President, Felipe Calderón, launched a broad attack on the cartels. The overall policy has little to show for it, however. While there has been some flux within the cartels, and despite capturing and killing hundreds of leaders and top cartel members, they remain as strong as ever, and particularly in the case of the Sinaloa Cartel, perhaps even more so than in 2006. At the same time, the flow of drugs has grown, and now the cartels have diversified into new drugs including meth and synthetic drugs, not to mention prostitution and human smuggling. Moreover, scholars have shown that by following a decapitation military strategy (encouraged by the United States and pursued by Mexican military), where the aim is to topple the cartel leaders, the balance of power gets upended and the subsequent competition among criminal organizations leads to extreme bouts of violence that spill over into the public sphere (that tend to affect women and young people disproportionately) and have even touched upon politicians in more than half of the Mexican States. Likewise, critics point out given the corruption and the Mexican political context, the main beneficiary of the strategy the Mexican Military has pursued has been the Sinaloa Cartel as their competitors have either weakened or wiped out. Thus, the question is, why would the United States choose to continue a foreign aid policy that not only seems to be inefficient, but it’s actually counterproductive?Answer this question using TWO of the last three theories we looked at: Constructivism, Neo-marxism or Feminism. Use their lenses and tell me how each of the theories would explain the exact same behavior in similar or differing ways. Notice again that you are analyzing the behavior of the United States alone. Do not speculate on why Mexico has or has not done something. Also, in explaining American behavior do not make categorical statements without some reference. Your paper should not include your opinions or speculations on the subject matter that cannot be substantiated.For example, the following sentence would NOT be appropriate:Trump does not care about Mexican people. Thus he does not care about the violence his policies have unleashed.Neither you nor I can get inside Trump’s head, therefore we cannot know what his true intentions are. We can only infer from behavior, thus this statement can only be speculation. Also, consider that the object of the paper is not for you to convince me that a particular American policy is working or not, but why the United States would engage in it in the first place through two of the theoretical lenses given above. Thus, please do not write: Everyone knows that legalization is the only way to fight the drug war. Unless the US does that, we will always have people dying.If you should decide to do the second paper, it will be due March 2nd. Since it is the second paper, it should be between 5 and 6 pages.(When I say five pages, I do mean five, not four and three sentences, or four and a half).It should be Times News Roman, 12pt., double spaced and should have one inch margins. Also, at the top of the paper just write second assignment and your name. No need for the date, or my name. When you are ready to turn it in, TURN IT IN VIA BLACKBOARD. DO NOT TURN IN A HARD COPY. Let’s save some trees.It is appropriate to use newspapers and magazines as sources, or even the book. It is NOT appropriate, however, to use WIKIPEDIA. Encyclopedias in general are not appropriate for this kind of assignment. Should you use WIKIPEDIA, I will automatically detect points. On the other hand, anything you use in your paper should be cited in the following matter:Book:Jimenez, Luis. 2013. International Relations Class. Boston, MA: University Press.Magazine, or Academic Journal.Jimenez, Luis. 2013. “Title” Journal Title. 20(3): 115-198.Article taken from a computer source:Jimenez Luis. 2013. “Title” Source. Available: Date Accessed.

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