five stages of design thinking

Assess a case study of an experience, a product, a website, or an institution, using the five stages of design thinking as a framework. How well does it empathize with customers/users/stakeholders. How successfully or unsuccessfully does it define the problem to be solved? Is there evidence of multiple iterations prior to the final (or current) version of it? How was it prototyped (or not)? And is there evidence of testing? Finally, what is your overall assessment of the success or failure of this exercise in design thinking?

NOTE: Please choose a case study with which you are VERY FAMILIAR. If you don’t know enough about how the example came to be, then you will not be able to assess it. If you choose to study an iPhone, for example, and you do not know the details of its design process, you will do very badly on this project. Choose something that you know a lot about. DO YOUR OWN WORK. This is not a group project.

You should use PowerPoint to make your argument. No more than TEN slides.

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