Explaining Suffering


In this assignment, you will explore the philosophical significance of the presence of evil in our lives.

Begin by describing a specific situation in which a human being suffers needless pain. You are welcome to select an example from your own experiences, but you may find it easier to think about the issue objectively if you invent a fictional case.

Now, consider how you might respond to someone in this situation who says, “God would not let this happen to me, so there is no God.” Does the reality of evil prove that God does not exist? Why or why not?

If God does exist, why would God permit unnecessary suffering of this sort to afflict individual human beings?

Remember that our defense against the problem of evil needs to be logically sound and have some practical comfort to the bereaved.

Finally, reflect on what this issue shows us about the role of faith and reason in practical life.

Which of the two approaches provides us with a more satisfactory understanding of our place in a world that includes the reality of evil?

To what extent do you believe that each is relevant to our practical life?

Additional Instructions:

Create a 3 page essay in APA format. Use 3 scholarly sources for references; whereas, 1 will be given to you. Be sure to use in-text citations.

Source given to use: Abel, D. C. (2010). Fifty readings plus: An introduction to philosophy (2nd ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

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