emergency response plan revised

Based upon feedback given by the instructor, revise your emergency response plan (2-3 new pages)

Strengths: Your CEMP covered many of the project requirements like stakeholder involvement, other agencies and govt officials and community impact. The group participation was evident from the discussion board.

Opportunities for improvement: Several sections of the plan like mitigation, response and recovery was limited and could have been specific as to who does what like the response to bomb. What the FD does, what the Chicago PD does, The FBI etc.
Additional Comments: The submitted work partially meets the project criteria requirements. Your project demonstrates you developed the knowledge and understanding of the course and weekly material to achieve credit for this. Areas strengths noted above. Your individual project added more specific responsibilities to the various agencies. So nice job on this.

(original requirements)

  • Who will comprise your planning committee? Explain.
    • Identify public and private sector partner agencies and elected officials (if any) that should serve on the planning committee.
  • What are the component parts of the plan (be specific and detailed)? Explain.
  • What participating agencies may be more or less involved in which parts of the plan development? Explain.
  • Are there subject matter experts (SMEs) or other entities that should be involved in any one specific area of the plan development? Explain.
  • Based upon the emergency management concept of incident management that includes the phases of preparedness/mitigation, response, and recovery, identify the actions that will need to be taken in each phase as they relate to the hazard you have selected.
    • Identify the major challenges that the community and responders will encounter when responding to the hazard.
    • What solutions exist (e.g., mutual aid, contract services) to overcome those challenges? Explain in detail.
    • What should be the short- and long-term recovery goals of the community following this event¬ís occurrence?
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
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