Collaborative Discussion

In this assignment, you will evaluate the work of the collaborative team working with Sheldon as demonstrated in the Riverbend City: Collaboration Skills Mission.

In a 1,250-word paper, address each of the following items: please answer all the bullets by providing enough information, I have attached the work needed for the assignment. Cite and references

  • Describe and evaluate what you observed in the Riverbend City: Collaboration Skills Mission that provides examples of each of the following aspects and the collaborative process:
  • Evaluate how well you think the team is collaborating by identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Select two of the professionals on the team helping Sheldon and explain how their approaches demonstrate a successful or unsuccessful use of collaboration and dealing with conflict.
  • Collaboration and conflict among professionals.
  • Collaboration across disciplines.
  • The power of trust and collaboration in professional relationships.
  • Describe two strategies you would recommend to help the collaborative team be more effective.

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