career pathway assignment

Answer the following question with 200-250 words per question

Note that my career path way in Oman so all question is about Oman

Question 1: Identify the various career sectors available to engineers and discuss at least three of these sectors. Also, discuss the matching career options available to you once you graduate. (200-250 words)

Question 2: Identify at least five each of key employers in Oman and GCC who recruit CCE students. Select and discuss at least two employers each from this list in detail. Include the product/service/specialisation/key projects of the employer in your discussion. (200-250 words)

Question 3: List and discuss at least five employer expectations from fresh graduates in terms of skills and competencies with reference to UK SPEC (Refer to CEng standard). (200-250 words)

Question 4: Select and discuss three goals from the list of 17 UN Goals for development which you think most relevant to Oman. What role do you think engineers can play in achieving these goals? (200- 250 words)


(Use In text and Full Referencing harvard style)


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