Bristish Literature Elizabeth Times Research Paper

You need to complete Assigment Part 1 and 2, following the TOPIC Attached

1) PART 1 (Planning Assigment)

Complete the Research Paper Planning Assignment (attached), which includes writing a thesis statement and developing a formal outline. (3 questions)

2) Part 2 (Writting Research Paper):

?The purpose of informing the
reader about a literary topic is evident.

?The research paper has an
introduction with a thesis statement.

?The body paragraphs contain
facts and quotations from research.

?The research paper ends with a

?The organization of ideas in
the research paper is easy to follow, and the paper includes formatting, graphics, and multimedia.

?The research paper includes
both internal citations and a Works Cited page.

?The language of the research paper is appropriate and clear and includes
domain-specific vocabulary and literary techniques or devices that help convey
complex ideas.

?The tone of the research paper
is consistently serious.

?The paper has a variety of
sentence structures and sentence beginnings.

?The paper is at least 2.500 words.


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