Americans with Disabilities Act

Revise your Phase 4 IP based on the feedback that you have received from your instructor. Then, add an additional 500 words addressing the following information to your IP:

It is brought to your attention that one of the employees who filed the sexual harassment claim has also indicated that she is currently suffering from anxiety and depression. In a discussion with the owner, you learn that Elora Jean & Co. does not have an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) policy. You have been asked to advise Elora Jean & Co. on this issue.

Are anxiety and depression considered disabilities?

  • Discuss the concept of reasonable accommodation and undue hardship. How does it apply to Elora Jean & Co.? How should this employee be addressed?
  • Discuss the ramifications that the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADAA) of 2008 has for employers.
  • Indicate the elements that a policy addressing the Americans with Disabilities Act should convey.

Feedback from instructor for attached assignment: Strengths: I liked the Gretchen Carlson example. These cases can have significant dollars attached to them plus, as the #metoo movement proved, the impact of negative media can devastate companies. A key point to position it to the CEO is showing a return on investment – this way the value is clear.

Opportunities for Improvement: Make sure you cite as required by the APA standards. For example you lead with “By definition” Whose definition are you using? This should have been cited. It sometimes feels like you are trying to sound more formal than you need – for example, you cite McDonald et al in the first paragraph and the sentences doesn’t make sense, then you repeat a version of a definition – it fills up the paper, but doesn’t make sense. Proof read for grammar and clarity.

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