4-1 Discussion: Gender in Modern Media

I need someone to write 1-2 paragraphs on the following topic:

Although gender roles are portrayed in various ways in different cultures, most are influenced by the myths of the cultures. Transgender roles are found in cultures such as ancient Greek, Roman, and Native American, but more modern myths have often replaced the ancient ideologies surrounding transgender characters.

For this discussion, find an example of a commercial, advertisement, or film clip (you can use a still image or video) that embodies the gender roles influenced by myth. You can choose either a portrayal of women, men, androgynous figures, or transgendered characters. Post the video or image with your initial post, and answer the following:

  • How does myth influence the portrayal of gender roles?
  • In the ad or video clip, how is gender portrayed? Why?

Support your answer with following sources:


Source 2 – See attachment

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