3 to 5 page essay

  1. Choose a short story that we have not read this semester and write an essay in which you argue whether it is an escapist or interpretive story and why you would categorize it that way.

This story does not have to come from the suggested reading list, but those stories are chosen because they are suited to this sort of assignment.

This essay is an argumentative/persuasive essay but it is based on YOUR judgement/opinion. What is important in this essay is not what that judgement is but, instead, how you can explain that judgement. you should assume that the reader of YOUR essay is already familiar with the story that you are writing about so you are not obligated to summarize the plot of it?, unless you are summarizing parts of that plot to help support a point that you are trying to make. I always tell my students to imagine that the audience for this essay is one of your fellow classmates who, although they have read the story you are talking about, is having trouble understanding the point you are trying to make about the story.

The final copy of this essay should be three to five pages in length and should be MLA format (double-spaced, 1? margins, size 10 or 12 font).

no outside research at ALL should be done for this essay (story im choosing is a rose for emily by william faulkner)

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