2 pages research of Franchise enterprise- Hertz

2 Full Pages (please follow the directions carefully) in-text citations and citation page 10% originality.

Your topic is Franchising. Use the list located in supporting materials of the “TOP 100 Franchises and conduct research on ONE of the Franchises you would be interested in owning.

I would like to choose Hertz, a vehicle rental franchise.

Please research:

1. What their product is

2. How much it costs to buy into a franchise

3. What countries it is located in and what would be the benefit of owning a franchise vs starting a business on your own.

Remember this requires outside research!!! And what form of ownership does the business use to organize itself.

1. Please use 3~ 4 concepts from the textbook.

2. Proof or evidence: data and it must have in-text citations.

If that data or opinion were developed by someone else and please must give that person credit for it!!!!

Please use simply words and style of sentences.

https://www.franchisedirect.com/automotivefranchis… this the link you need to use.

http://suo.im/4DFF6P it is the textbook, you can download it, and use the content of chapter 5.

the files are the resources you can use, if you have any other resources, please use them.

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