2.10 write final draft of informative essay

In this lesson, you completed the revision and editing processes to produce a final draft of your informative/explanatory article. Now it’s time to complete the final step of the writing process: publish your writing. In this instance, publishing means you will submit your final draft to your instructor.

To prepare your final draft for your instructor, do the following:

  1. Open your highlighted first draft, revised draft, and edited draft. (attached)
  2. Open the Publishing Your Article worksheet and complete the required tasks.

Your final draft and Publishing Your Article worksheet will be graded according to the 02.10 Publish Your Article rubric.

if publishing your article worksheet doesnt open here it is:

Publishing Your Article Worksheet

Step 1: Print your first draft, revised draft, and final draft.
Step 2: Look at each paragraph across the three drafts. For example, look at your first paragraph in your first draft, your revised draft, and in your final draft. (hint: number the paragraphs on each draft)
Step 3: Select the paragraph with the most revisions and edits between the first and final drafts.
Step 4: Follow the instructions in the boxes below.

Copy and paste paragraph from first draft. You may remove the yellow and green highlights if they are distracting to you during this comparison.
Copy and paste paragraph from revised draft. Mark all revisions in pink.
Copy and paste paragraph from final draft. Mark all revisions in blue.


Compare the first draft and final draft versions of the paragraph side-by-side. Discuss in at least five sentences the changes you made and why the final draft of the paragraph is an improvement over the first draft.

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