write one paragraph, please be detailed- top grossing films

Take the test* to determine if you are part of the viewing audience for the top-grossing dramas of all time. By dramas we mean not fantasy, not science fiction, not superhero, etc. link :https://www.listchallenges.com/highest-grossing-dr…

THEN let us know how many movie titles or what percentage of your movie titles have stories whose major characters DO NOT fit into any of the demographics we looked at this Semester.

In other words, how many of the movies that you have viewed from this top-grossing list do not have major characters of color, ethnicity and/or lgbt sexuality. (Note that if the movie’s story is about a white male character whose “whiteness” is part of the story like “8 Mile” for instance then it still fits our “big four” demographics.)

Finally, mention one title that you have never heard of from this top-grossing list (which you will notice does not necessarily have to have a high critical rating to make money)**


*Here’s my test score: 62 of 100 movies (62%); Rank: #13 of 157 users (top 8%). Note that about 40 of the 62 movies (or 65%) had none or no significant characters that fit our demographics. “Road to Perdition” (Irish) and “The Godfather{ (Italian) are not included in that 40 number.

**I have never heard of the drama “Me Before You”.

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