Trigger positive social change (300-400 words)

Discussion : Social Change

In this course, you may have found it interesting to discover how extensively culture impacts psychology. Culture influences human development, identity and personality, attitudes and beliefs, and healthcare. As a scholar-practitioner, you may want to create a positive social change. In doing so, reflect on your future role as a scholar-practitioner. Consider the possible future research related to culture and psychology you might be interested in conducting. Think about how you may affect social change.

In the essay, please follow the structure as below:

1. A brief description of two topics related to culture that you might be interested in researching further.

Topic one: How does gender bias ads influences consumers purchase intentions in different countries?
Topic two: The portrayal, expectation or stereotype attitudes toward women in different cultures.

2. Then, as a future scholar-practitioner, explain two ways you might impact social change in relation to culture and psychology.

Two ways:
1. Encourage many large organisations to produce gender equality ads, not stereotyping men or women.
2. Increase gender equality and empower women in different culture.

Be specific and use examples to illustrate your points.

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