Monsters of the Arts, art & design homework help

Monsters of the
Arts QEP

Spring 2

Professor J.

will choose a piece of visual art, music, or theatrical work and will write a
paper analyzing it by describing, in depth, the intended meaning and purpose as
well as its impact on society (then and now). It must be one that you can find
sufficient information about historically, as you will be writing about the
creator of the piece as well. You will then create a smaller version of it in a
similar medium. Lastly, describe your experience creating your version. A
presentation of the work, artist, and your creation will be scheduled with the
professor for the end of a class session.

*Your paper must be no less than two pages, typed,
single-spaced, times new roman, and 12pt font.

Questions to ask:

What is the overall theme of the work?

Who is it directed toward? What audience? Is it being
created for everyone, a select few or for themselves?

What is the purpose of this piece? To inform? A call
to action? To entertain?

Was there an event or another artist/piece of art that
inspired the artist to create it?

What affect does the piece have on the community, then
and now?

Was the piece successful at the time the artist
revealed it?

Does the piece mean the same today as it did when it
first came out?

What information can you give about the artist? Who
were they? Why did they create this piece?

What made you choose this piece? Does it inspire you
or align with your personal views?

How does it inspire you?

How did it inspire you while you were creating your
own piece?

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