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Please separate the two discussion responses and reply with at 200 words. I have also included the initial discussion questions below so that you know what the content is about.


As culturally aware as we may be, we all see the world through the lenses of our own cultural experiences, and even the greatest among us struggle to understand people who are different from us. For this discussion, review the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Which one of these six stages do you find yourself in? Why do you think that is, and what do you think you could do to help you climb to the next level? Remember, we are all learning and growing here, so there are no right or wrong answers, so long as we are being honest with ourselves and others.



From the six stages, first I would say as an immature young person I would have found myself under denial of defense. As a grown adult, I would say I will be under Stage four-Acceptance of Difference. I think I would fit under stage six because even though I know everyone is different in many ways, I know my own culture and can tell the difference from other cultures. This to me in not looking at someone in a different way, but mainly that the things people are custom to, I am not. People are raised different and live differently from me, therefore I can see the difference. I think things I can do to learn about how certain cultures work is to interact more with those not from my culture; help out in those communities, and read more about other cultures. I feel this will help me get to the next level.


I believe I’m at stage five, which is adaptation to difference. I’ve always believed that judging or jumping to conclusion about a person because of their culture is wrong. My mother raised me to treat others the way i want to be treated. I have to think if I want someone disrespecting me because of my culture. I have been around a diverse of individuals with different cultures. I believe that everyone is human and should be treated as such. I did take me a while to get to this stage because I wasn’t around so many diverse individuals. Now that I’m more involved in different activities, I have reached stage five. I hope to grow and learn more throughout the years.

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