After a winter’s silence poem

“After a Winter’s Silence” by May Sarton

Along the terrace wall
Snowdrops have pushed through
Hard ice, making a pool.
Delicate stems now show
White bells as though
The force, the thrust to flower
Were nothing at all
Who gives them the power?
After a winter’s silence
I feel the shock of spring
My breath warms like the sun,
Melts ice, bursts into song
So when the inner one
Gives life back the power
To rise up and push through,
There’s nothing to it
As snowdrops know
When snowdrops flower.

Things to think before you begin writing your analysis of the poem:

  1. What is a snowdrop?
  2. What is the relevance of the seasons?
  3. What do the words on the page say to you?
  4. Using the knowledge you have acquired this semester, thing about the imagery, the theme, the structure.
  5. Does your response contain an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion?
  6. Does your final draft contain spelling or grammatical errors?

Your essay in response to this poem should include

  • a titled
  • an introduction
  • a thesis statement
  • topic sentences
  • supporting sentences
  • a conclusion

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