Unit 3 WCC 2nd response to Helen White, law homework help

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post. The objective is to distinguish indirect methods of proof of white-collar crimes.

“Federal regulatory agencies are the agency or government department that has responsibility over the legislation.” The United States President is the one who appoint agency leaders.” (Einvestigator.com/federal-regulatory-agencies).

Federal regulatory is the Fourth Branch of the Government Federal regulation usually centers on activities of the so called Big Seven the Interstate Commerce Commission, Federal Trade Commission, and Federal Power Commission.

Integrated Compliance information System or ICIS tracks administrative and judicial civil enforcement actions taken by the Unites States that provide clean water act.

There are type of enforcement actions and they are civil administrative action are non judicial enforcement actions, it a violation or notice letter. Civil Judicial actions it a lawsuit and if a person that failed to comply statutory or regulatory, comply administrative order, and criminal actions this is a serious, violation that can result in fines or imprisonment.” (epa.gov/enforcement/enforcement-basic-information).


Enforcement Basic Information/Enforcement/USEPA. (n.d.). Retrieve from http://epa.gov/enforcement/enforcement-basic-information.

Federal Regulatory Agencies. (n.d.). Retrieve from http:// ein

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