To Stretch or Not Stretch

Instructions: For Assignment #2 you will need to read the following article. The is shown below.

M. P. McHugh, C. H. Cosgrave, To stretch or not to stretch: the role of stretching in injury prevention and performance, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports 2010: 20: 169–181.

The role of stretching in injury prevention and performance are hotly debated topics of tremendous current relevancy. For Assignment #2 you will access the above review article on the topic of stretching and prepare a two to three page double-spaced summary of the findings. Once you have prepared the summary of the findings you will then apply those findings to some aspect of your current professional or personal life. The total length of your submission should be between three and four pages along with a title page and reference page.

Your final product should include the following elements:

1. APA format, including title and reference pages…..10 points
2. Summary of methods. This should include what type of article this is. Why is this critical? 20 points
3. Summary of results. Organize this section into the two main areas of concentration of the article. 20 points
4. Summary of conclusions. What does this article tell us about stretching? 20 points
5. Application of those findings to your professional or personal life. Include details. This section should be very rich in detail (numbers, specifics, etc.) 30 points.

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